Friday, November 05, 2004

Per iniziare vi consiglio un libro : Le correzioni ; Jonathan Franzen

"Chip was struck by the broad similarities between black market Lithuania and free-market America. In both countries, wealth was concentrated in the hands of a few; any meaningful distinction between private and public sectors had disappeared; captains of commerce lived in a ceaseless anxiety that drove them to expand their empires ruthlessly; Ordinary citizens lived in ceaseless fear of being fired and ceaseless confusion about which powerful private interest owned which formerly public institution on any given day; and the economy was fueled largely by the elite's insatiable demand for luxury.

"the main difference between America and Lithuania , as far as Chip could see, was that in America the wealthy few subdued the unwealthy many by means of mind-numbing and soul killing entertainments and gadgetry and pharmaceuticals, whereas in Lithuania tha poweful few subdued the unpowerful many by threatening violence."

(Jonathan Franzen ,"The corrections", pag.557; Fourth Estate ,London , 2001)
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